When was the last time you…

… shared your wildest dreams and deepest fears with someone?
… went balls to the wall for those dreams?

… had an open and honest discussion about what makes you happy?
… got naked without taking your clothes off?
… allowed yourself to be vulnerable?
… said YES! to something you really wanted, that was just about you?

I am passionate about creating safe spaces for women to open up about love, relationships, pleasure, money, food, sex, intimacy, and desire. The more honest we can get about how we feel and what we want with these essentials, the closer we get to creating the health and happiness we seek. 

My coaching and workshops deliver insight, tough love, and creativity to help purpose-driven professionals align their values with their personal and work life.

Be ready to [get] cracked open and find possibilities that you might never have thought existed or even possible. There is no cookie cutter thinking here. It is free, abstract, and liberating. ~ Trina Kaminaka

Foundation Series

The foundation series is all about opening up and testing your limit of perception through play. These two-hour sessions are high participatory experiences. Please be mindful of any triggers in your community (members with a history of physical and/or sexual abuse) as you consider this option.

New & Good

In this session, we focus primarily on what’s going well in order to shift our default programming that likes to focus on the negative aspects of our lives.

What’s Your Story?

There’s a story we’ve been telling ourselves about our self-worth and ability to be healthy, successful, loving, and loved. Here, we’ll explore how those stories keep us stuck and open up to new ways of thinking and being.

What Are You Really Hungry For?

Diet dogma, nutrition misinformation, and the messages we receive about what’s physically desirable are keeping us from enjoying real connections with others, especially when it comes to food. In this session, we’ll share our food (hi)stories, open up about cravings, and discover how our connection to food impacts our whole lives.

What is Enough?

Are you surrounded by clutter? Do you have clothes you haven’t worn in years? Do you run out and buy the latest tech gadgets as soon as they’re released? Do you often find yourself with more month at the end of the money? Here, we’ll look at how our stuff and our relationship with money traps us in relationships and work we don’t want.

Would You Mind If I Shared Something?

Intimacy is risky. What if I make myself vulnerable to someone and they laugh at me, ridicule me, reject me, and/or use it against me? What if they welcome me with open arms and I like it? Then what?

Please Touch

In NYC, personal space is King. We navigate sidewalks, trains, elevators and other crowded spaces with a ninja-like stealth. To the uninitiated, it seems cold, rude, and harsh. But you’re just trying to protect yourself from the schizophrenic energy of the city, right? When you’re always turned on in that way, how do you turn it off when you’re around people you want to touch and be touched by? How do you invite it in? During this session, participants will be asked to engage in nonsexual physical contact, such as holding hands, a handshake, caress, hug, and/or massage. 

Additional Workshops

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