What Could Health and Happiness Look Like for You?

Melissa Danielle, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach For me, it’s living simply, choosing experiences over things, nourishing myself with good food, moving my body through dance and high intensity workouts, pursuing my creative interests and personal growth, enjoy quality time with my loved ones, spending time outdoors, and helping others create and live their own version of health, happiness, and success.

Hello Darling, I'm Melissa Danielle. I’m a passionate advocate for personal growth through self-care, intentional living, and relationship building. I show smart, active, and successful people over 35 how to enjoy a fully engaged and intentional life.

I believe that you can have it all, when you get clear on your desires, take inspired action on them, and build community in full support of your growth and success.

I do this by helping people have uncomfortable conversations about food, sex, and intimacy, three areas that are vital to our well-being but ones we rarely get to be honest about. Through the discomfort of opening up and telling our truth, we find growth and are able to take the steps towards a full, juicy, and connected life.

The first step in this process is to get a good look at where you are in your life, and the Circle of Life exercise is one of the simplest ways to go about it.

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