How can you play a bigger game?

Hello Darling, I’m Melissa Danielle.

As a personal growth coach, I help artists, lovers, activists, and social entrepreneurs take care of their basic needs – food, sex, and intimacy.

As a facilitator, my workshops demonstrate the power of self-care, community food education, and cooperative self-reliance for health, healing, and community.

I am a catalyst for change through creative personal growth, health and sustainability, and asset-based community development. My clients are badass creatives who blur the lines between work and play, labor and leisure, education and recreation. They are game changers and catalysts in their fields and in their communities.

I’m the founder of Bed-Stuy Bounty and NYLocavore.

I instigate and intersect conversations on food, sex, relationships, intimacy, class, privilege, minimalism, happiness, personal ecology and more over here on the blog.


Are you looking to:

  • transform your relationship with food?
  • feel good in your body without dieting or deprivation?
  • live on your own terms without selling out or burning out?
  • cultivate compassionate communication and intimacy in your relationships?
  • build community around food, wellness, and nature?

I coach individuals, couples, and small groups by phone or Skype for a minimum of six months. I also host workshops on sustainable, organic, urban living, compassionate communication, and desire.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch by calling 347-927-2855 during office hours on Tuesdays from 3pm-9pmET or sending me a message.

Melissa Danielle is a Badass Creative who’s living a dynamic life but can’t be bothered to write a damn bio. In the meantime, check out her Linkedin profile.