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I'm so glad you found me. Real health and wellness isn’t about how good you are at dieting, depriving yourself, or exercising willpower. It also isn’t about how much kale you eat or how many miles you run every day.

While healthy eating and exercise are important, it isn’t the only thing. And your thing might not be the next person's thing. If you're ready to create lifestyle of health and happiness with you in mind, you've come to the right place.

As your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, my role is to help you create new ways of thinking and being in your body. Together, we'll look at the roles food, physical activity, self-care, relationships, creativity, and work contribute to your well-being, and create a solid plan of inspired action, consistency, and accountability to help you reach your goals.

Why Choose a Health Coach?

Health Coaches are cheerleaders and accountability partners for your health and well-being. They are trained professionals who offer guidance and support at any stage of your wellness journey.

Health Coaching is Tailored to Your Unique Health Concerns and Goals

While most health and wellness programs are designed to meet targeted health outcomes such as obesity and disease prevention, smoking cessation and quality of life, they often make broad generalizations about health with unmanageable requirements such as counting calories, weekly weigh-ins, dieting, deprivation, and willpower.

Health Coaches work with you to create a customized plan of action that considers your environment, lifestyle, budget, and other factors to ensure that you can meet the goals you set for yourself.

Health Coaching Meets You Where You Are

While you may see Health Coaches promoting expensive kitchen equipment, sharing recipes with ingredients you can’t pronounce, and bending and twisting their bodies into awkward poses, you won’t be expected to do the same -- unless you want to! Health Coaches help their clients make gradual changes over time, without judgment or disregard to your current situation.

Health Coaches Walk the Talk

Most Health Coaches found their careers through their own personal transformations with illness, weight loss, or profound shifts in the way they view health and happiness. So when you work with a health coach, know that they have gone through their own journey to wellness, complete with the same highs and lows they’ll be helping you work through.

Health Coaches Keep Up with New Information and Trends

Health Coaches are always reading up on the latest nutrition news, testing out new foods and recipes, taking classes, and pursuing continuing education and personal development opportunities. They love what they do and it shows in how they live their lives.

Health Coaching is a Game Changer

Healthcare as we know it is static and outdated. Practitioners aren’t necessarily required to keep up with the latest trends and innovations, and their own lives may not be a reflection of the recommendations they dispense. Because of the growth of health coaching, mainstream healthcare has had to reevaluate the way they serve their patients.

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