Transitioning Requires A New Set of “Rules”

The most interesting (and highly annoying) observation you’ll make is the number of nutrition and food “experts” you’ll encounter as you make your transition to a plant-based diet. It will seem as though the people around you will have acquired degrees and certifications in healthy eating, nutrition, and vegetarian diets OVERNIGHT. Everyone: Friends, family, and […]

Learn to Cook

Cooking fosters self-sufficiency and helps you hone lost skills and academic subjects like hand/eye coordination, motor function, reading comprehension, fractions, chemistry, time management, and focus. If your idea of cooking for yourself is whatever can be microwaved, boiled in the bag it came in, or adding water, then it’s time you learned some culinary skills. […]

@OrganicSoulChef’s Warm Root & Nut Drink

Organic Soul Chef Madea Allen is a professionally trained whole foods & community foods chef and health coach working in private practice in NYC. She’s also a good friend and colleague. I’ve been working on improving the health of my spleen-pancreas lately (Traditional Chinese Medicine says the presence of dark eyelids and a nasal crease […]

#NYLocavoreChallenge: Watermelon Sorbet & Eggplant Spread

I’m keeping it pretty simple for the recipes that are going into the Vitamix for this challenge by focusing on the food of the day and going to my neighborhood farmers market or my buying club to source ingredients. Malcolm X Blvd Farmers Market I try to support the community markets in or near my […]

The Plant-Based Locavore // New York Locavore Challenge

When I first started working with veg*ns in 2005, I took all my clients to the farmers market, where I stressed the many benefits of eating locally and in season (nutrition, transparency, ecology, economy, harmony, nature), but if they had asked me about eating 100% locally, I would not have been able to recommend it. […]

#NYLocavoreChallenge: Blueberry Green Smoothie

So today is the first day of NOFA-NY’s NY Locavore Challenge and I signed up. My goal is to try and see if I can spend the next thirty days using only local ingredients to make smoothies, juices, desserts, and soups in the Vitamix. Today’s recipe is kind of lazy, because I’ve already posted it. […]