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How to Become Open to Life via @AimeePhlegar

This is a guest post.

In many ways, I close myself off to life in all its fullness.

I close myself off to others, as a form of self defense.

It happens to all of us. When you left yourself open in the early part of your life, you likely would get hurt from time to time. That pain taught us to close ourselves off in different ways: don’t let others in, use humor to keep some distance, hurt others before they hurt you, back away from anything new, and so on.
I close myself off, and miss the world. I miss out on life when I do that.

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How to Buy A Yoga Mat

For some Yoga practitioners, a yoga mat is yoga mat is a yoga mat. But if your Yoga tradition has you sitting for several hours, like mine sometimes will, you want a bit more than the standard rubber mat. I prefer natural fibers like sheepskin or cotton for home practice, and I have this cotton yoga mat, but when I'm going to a class, I usually go with a rubber mat, because it's easier to transport. has a handy yoga mat guide to help you choose the mat style that's the right fit for the Yoga tradition you practice. Come back and let me know what you think!

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Hello Late Spring!

I didn’t mean for it to be almost three months since my last post, considering the piece I burned out came about two weeks after that.

Much of my time has been focused on growing my buying club, a great opportunity for me and my neighbors to get really good food in bulk and at wholesale prices. If you’re in New York (state) and would like to learn more about this option, visit

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Woman vs Diet: Getting to the Heart of the Matter So You Can Let Go

this is a guest post

When you work as a wellness coach, your clients allow you a unique view into their daily triumphs and struggles. I find this to be especially true of my female clients. I am always humbled when a client shares with me details about her struggles with body image, weight gain and health issues. I suppose that when I am no longer humbled by this, I should stop doing this work.