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How Much Are Your Dreams Worth?

Earlier this month I put a call out to my network and mailing list inviting them to experience my new approach to coaching (I have about 12 spots left, so if you want to take advantage of it before the offer ends on May 30th, click here.) I’ve been deeply moved, excited, and honored to hear these stories and help them see what’s possible in their lives. What they are working towards is truly amazing and the world is waiting for them. The down side is, not all of them will step up and create the lives they say they want, and we’re going to miss out on these gifts.

What about your life is comfortable for you right now? What do you keep choosing instead of what you really want? What are you willing to put on the line for your dreams? If not now, when? If not you, who?

This past weekend I shared the Rose Theater at Lincoln Center in NYC with 1,000 students and graduates of Institute for Integrative Nutrition (and another 3,000) watching online. We had the privilege of listening to Dr. OzDr. Mark HymanMarie ForleoMastin Kipp and several others share their wisdom and insight on everything from sugar’s addictive qualities to the importance of soil health for growing nutritious vegetables to what it really means to live a healthy, happy life. And how much did it cost me to spend two days with these health and lifestyle powerhouses? The investment I made ten years ago when I enrolled at IIN, plus the subway ride to Columbus Circle. What could your life look like with the support of 50,000 health coaches in over 100 countries around the world? Find out by joining an upcoming IIN webinar. Register here

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