You Can Be Healthy, Feel Good, and Love Your Life…

6-Month Roadmap to Health & Happiness

without dieting and deprivation!

I'm Melissa Danielle, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I will show you how to make space for a healthy, juicy life on your terms, without counting calories, cheat days, or missing out on what you love. 

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching takes a long-term approach to help you ease into new and better lifestyle choices. While health coaches offer individualized support and guidance,  Institute for Integrative Nutrition's 6-Month Roadmap to Health & Happiness is a great introduction to health coaching and can help you determine if health coaching is right for you.

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Melissa DanielleHello Darling!

Real health and wellness isn’t about how good you are at dieting, depriving yourself, or exercising willpower. It also isn’t about how much kale you eat or how many miles you run every day.

While healthy eating and exercise are important, it isn’t the only thing. And your thing might not be the next person's thing. If you're ready to create a lifestyle of health and happiness with you in mind, you've come to the right place.


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Would you like to make time for self-care, real food, exercise, hobbies, and relationships without dieting, detoxing, and burning out? 

As your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, my role is to help you establish new ways of thinking and being in your body. Together, we'll look at the way food, physical activity, self-care, relationships, creativity, and work all contribute to your well-being, and create a solid plan of inspired action, consistency, and accountability to help you reach your goals.

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