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Melissa DanielleIm so glad you found me. Real health and wellness isn’t about how good you are at dieting, depriving yourself, or exercising willpower. It also isn’t about how much kale you eat or how many miles you run every day. While healthy eating and exercise are important, it isn’t the only thing. And your thing might not be the next person's thing. 

Hello Darling. I'm Melissa Danielle. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I take a whole person, whole life approach to lasting health and wellness, one that recognizes healthy living at every size and meets people where they are.
Join my wellness club and receive ongoing support in your journey towards whole health and happiness. We meet monthly by phone and members enjoy savings in my online store.
I offer guidance in
  • transitioning to seasonal, local, whole food diets for both vegetarians and omnivores
  • healing from allergies, acne, digestive, and reproductive health concerns
  • upgrading your lifestyle so you can have more time for what you enjoy
  • spending more time in nature

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Badass Blending

If you’re like me, you love to cook but hate washing dishes. Check out my recipe section for some amazing recipes I’ve created and curated from my favorite websites.

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locavorephoto2015Classes, Workshops, and Getaways

When's the last time you shared a part of yourself in an intimate setting? And received the support, understanding, and nuturing you crave? With your clothes on? I offer public and private gatherings that celebrate food, women, and the outdoors. Clothing optional.

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I am An Ambassador of Health & HappinessCould you see yourself doing something similar to what I do? Are you already doing it but want to take it to the next level?

Institute for Integrative Nutrition can get you there.

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