Stuff I Have to Tell You Before You Begin The Green Smoothie Challenge

I like hosting green smoothie challenges because I love the value and multiple benefits they have brought to my life and want to share them with you.

But, since I am sharing this information with you (and charging you for it), there are some disclosures and disclaimers that I have to get out of the way before we can proceed.

This is pretty long – like those Terms of Services boxes you have to scroll through before you can finish installing a program on your computer.

First, thank you again for signing up for the Green Smoothie Challenge. There are plenty of Green Smoothie Challenges you could have signed up for. Thank you for choosing mine.

 Your experience during the Green Smoothie Challenge will be uniquely your own.

While I can mention the numerous benefits people have experienced from drinking green smoothies on a regular basis, I can’t guarantee that you’ll experience them the same way.  

I’m supposed to tell you that the Green Smoothie Challenge is not a weight loss program, a diet, treatment, or any other type of program that is designed to diagnose and/or treat a health condition, illness, or disease.

You may be asked to consider certain dietary choices, but you will not be required to give up any foods or ingredients throughout this challenge.

I’m also supposed to tell you that anything I say throughout the challenge are my own thoughts and opinions which are not to replace the thoughts and opinions of a trained and licensed healthcare professional (of which I’m not).

I hope, by now, that you understand the Green Smoothie Challenge includes eating raw leafy greens and various fruits. If you are not supposed to have leafy greens or several varieties of fruit for any reason on a daily basis,  then it is wise for you to stop right now and talk to your primary healthcare professional about your participation in the Green Smoothie Challenge.

I’m going to be sharing my philosophies and best practices as a Health Coach (trained at Institute for Integrative Nutrition), a Green Smoothie Enthusiast and general lover of all things good food, which also means that I’ll be recommending websites, books, and products that have personally helped me on my journey towards optimal health.

I hold myself responsible for any claims I make throughout this challenge, so feel free to email me with any conflicts you may have about anything I say and we will work it out together.

I am not responsible for the claims made by any sites that I may link to, but also feel free to email me with any conflicts you may have about things you read on sites I recommend, because I do like to know about such things.

Some of the links I share with you are affiliate links. I make a little extra money if and when you choose to buy something through a link I shared.

Personal Wisdom

My Green Smoothie Challenge is an opportunity for you to expand your palate and increase your intake of leafy greens. While consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables can improve your health, this challenge is not intended as the “be all, end all” to your health concerns.

Please exercise personal wisdom and discretion throughout this challenge.


Leafy greens contain high levels of Vitamin K and may contraindicate with certain medications. Please consult with your healthcare provider before starting this challenge to make sure that you will be able to participate.

Ingredients/Allergy Information

Whenever possible, try to source fruits and vegetables seasonally, locally and organically (or naturally grown). This ensures that the greens and fruits used were picked when ripe and free of factory-farm pesticides and chemicals.

Feel free to substitute any ingredients that are unavailable, you don’t like, or are allergic to.

Other info

I recommend locally grown produce, when possible and available. To find a farm or farmers market near you, visit

Buy the best quality you can afford. There’s no need to go broke during this challenge. Frozen leafy greens are better than none at all. Green smoothies three days a week are better than no days a week.

The recipes in my challenge will call for liquids – water, juice, dairy, cultured, and/or fermented products. Choose the options that best suit your dietary and ethical practices.

If you have any questions, please drop me a line.