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Minimalist Meals: Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are my equivalent of “fast food”. In five minutes or less, I have a whole food meal that doesn’t cost a lot to make and leaves little to clean up.

I keep it simple, leafy greens, fruit, and liquid, unless I have a long day ahead of me or am engaged in higher level of physical activity than usual. In those cases, I’ll add some hempseeds, avocado, and a few other ingredients to make it more calorie and nutrient dense.

In my holistic health circles, there’s a love/hate relationship going on right now with green smoothies.

Oxalic acid has everyone freaked out, and it’s either Team Green or Team Juice, vying for which option is better/healthier.

I don’t juice, mainly because I don’t want to be bothered with the clean up. When I want juice, I blend the whole fruit or vegetable with water or pressed apple juice. Team Juice believes the body doesn’t need all that fiber. I believe that fruits and vegetables wouldn’t have “all that fiber” if the body didn’t need it. Guess which team I’m on?

I like green smoothies because there’s minimal waste, slower sugar metabolism, and I can feel good about having a consumed two to three servings of vegetables and fruit, where it actually tastes good.

Right now, I’ve been experimenting more with herbs in my green smoothies, for variety and for the added health benefits.

If you’ve never tried a green smoothie before and are curious about them, try this simple recipe:

In a blender, add a generous handful of spinach (lightly steamed, if you like), a few leaves of mint, basil, or parsley, a whole peach, pitted, skin on, and a half cup of water, yogurt, or milk (dairy or nondairy – your choice) to start. Blend well. Add more liquid, if desired, until you reach your desired consistency.

I don’t like to add ice to my smoothies, but I do like them cold, so I freeze my leafy greens and my fruit.

For more recipes like this one, sign up for my 30-day green smoothie challenge, in which you challenge yourself to drink a thirty-two ounce green smoothie everyday. There’s no fasting or deprivation involved, so you’ll still get to eat whatever you want.



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