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Must You Struggle to Get What You Want? Easy vs Ease #desiremap

easeI recently decided to release myself from one of my projects. This decision has been a year in the making, as I had to get to a place where I could see walking away from it not as a failure but just another project I created, implemented, and followed through with.

It’s ironic that I’m feeling so attached to it, considering that my nature, when it comes to work, is short-term and project-based.

And this isn’t the first project that I started and then let go of in order to do something else.

So what’s my problem?

I think part of it is that there are other people involved – there will be surprise and disappointment when the news gets out that I’ll no longer be involved.

I invited select members of my community to pass it on to, but who knows if they will want the responsibility?

So I have to prepare that the end for my participation might actually be the end.

And that’s OK.

I’m OK with that now.

I had an epiphany the other day where I finally admitted to myself, this isn’t the way I want to feel when I show up. It’s going on three years and it’s feeling less and less like how I was feeling when I started it. I’m still excited about the possibilities and its potential, but I no longer want to be in charge of it.

As I move closer to creating my desired life, I’ve had to let go of things that no longer serve me, things (and people) who created more struggle and angst for me than the ease and abundance I seek.

I’m no longer interested in the struggle.

Life is just too damn short.

Where is your ease when it comes to the work you want to do?