Melissa Danielle

I Have Feelings and I Know How to Use Them

It’s that time of year again when I pull out The Desire Map and reassess the core desired feelings I created six months ago just before my birthday. I’ve been desire mapping for about three years now. Goal setting has always been challenging for me, as it’s always felt like a should be doing and I’m more of a want to be doing. And I also had a hard time owning certain things about myself, like being a person that is highly sensitive, even though it looks like nothing bothers me, and recognizing that I’m not a person who is passionate about any one thing, but goes all in for whatever thing I’ve decided to show up for.

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What’s ONE thing you’d like to make happen for yourself right now?

For me, it was actualizing my version of a freedom lifestyle, one where I have the time do what I please, and work is always a want to, versus a have to. I want to be able to work when and wherever I want to, visit a friend in a different city for lunch or just because, attend events and invest in my personal and professional development, give in to my book addiction, eat high quality food, or just post up at the beach for hours, all without having to worry about my bank account.

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