[video] Daphne Miller on Organic Farming via @nutritionschool

Disclaimer: This is not a pro- or anti- stance on organics or GMOs. As a local food advocate, I support a regional food economy with the global economy in mind. This means that I make my food buying choices based on what makes the most sense economically and ecologically for me at the time of purchase. I don't always buy organic, but I strive to be intentional with my food dollars.

Sweet Potato Bisque

If you don't already know, I regard "low-fat" anything with the same disdain as I do artificial sweeteners and other fake foods.

A bisque is originally intended as a seafood broth-based soup but also lends it's name to the creaminess provided by pureed fruit like squash. I like the idea of a sweet potato bisque, but I didn't want to half ass on the creaminess so I went with heavy cream. You can do as you please.