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People say that what we’re seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. What we seek is an experience of being alive. ~ Joseph Campbell

Welcome to Honeybee Holistic!

Honeybee Holistic is a community for anyone struggling to find their sweet spot between being self-employed and having a life.

Melissa Danielle offers health coaching to anyone looking to create a foundation of self-care and wellness and creative convergence coaching for those who need help doing the very thing that scares the shit out of them. 

Here, you’ll find the tools and resources to help you make space for everything that nourishes you, without sacrificing income or time.

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Is Health Coaching Right for You?

I discovered health coaching well into my personal journey of self-healing through food and self-care in 2004 when I enrolled in Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Today, I help multipassionate creative types make (more) time and money for self-care by helping them reimagine and reinvent their work/life.

If you’ve never worked with a health coach before, this free download is your chance to explore the world of health coaches and find out if investing in a health coach is the right move for you.

Click here to download Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s 6-Month Roadmap to Health and Happiness


Join My Online Community

Self-care and creativity are the foundations of my personal wellness philosophy and are integrated into every aspect of my life, the way that eating, sleeping, walking and talking are. Through my monthly subscription, I share tools, resources, and insights into making self-care and creativity a priority.

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How to Show Up for Yourself

Self-Care is a powerful experience in reclaiming your right to feel good in your body and in your life. What does that look like for you? Here are three of my favorite topics I explore with clients.

Reframing Happiness
Let Go of Having to Be Right All the Time
What Gives You Pleasure?


How to Work Yourself Out of a Job

I feel doing what you love and living passionately are attainable pursuits. But not everyone’s clear on just how you do that. Here are some of my insights and reflections on the subject.

Reimagining Shorter Workweeks
Can You Really Have a “Do What You Love” Life?
Do You Love What You’re Getting Paid to Do?


Creative Convergence

Creative Convergence is the intersection of ideas, imagination, action, and synergy.

Some call it the Aha! moment, others call it their sweet spot. Whatever you call it, I’m here to help you grow into the lifestyle you’ve always imagined for yourself.

You already know what you want to do.

You already know how you want to feel.

You already know what makes you come alive.

What you may not know, is how to make it happen for yourself.

What you may not know, is how to let go of the fear, doubt, and criticism that squashes dreams and is keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself.

Today, I invite you to take the first step towards the life you truly desire.

Together, we will hash it out, hack it out, and plan out a life that nourishes you.

Learn more about my coaching here, or learn how you can coach yourself with my convergence calls.


About Memd_cover_small

I’m Melissa Danielle and I’m so glad you’ve found me! I live at the intersection of ideas, imagination, action, and synergy. My work and my life are constantly evolving. Three years ago, I was burning the candle at both ends trying to make a name for myself in local food advocacy and coaching. I was burnt out and miserable. So I got back to basics (basic needs, core desires) and mapped out a new story for my life.

Today, I’m living comfortably working part-time. I’m still doing what I love – coaching, building community around local food – but in a way that resonates with core values and desires for my life. Everyday, I’m getting closer and closer to having it all.


What’s my secret?

I gave work/life balance the finger.

I gave up my endless pursuit of happyness. 
I gave up trying to DO IT ALL.

Today, I choose to be driven by my desires (feelings and activities that give me pleasure) over obligation and expectation.

I believe:

  • being healthy is a choice
  • people should be guided to do what feels best for them economically and ecologically
  • you can blur the lines between work and play when you are guided by your desires
  • self-care is a revolutionary act
  • a creative outlook on life keeps us connected and flexible amidst constant change

I’ve worked with public health professionals, farmers, food makers and shakers, recent college grads, young moms, communities with special needs, wealthy people, people who want to be wealthy, and everyone in between. I’ve met hundreds of people during my journey and no matter where I go, it’s all the same: We all want to feel safe and secure, and feel good in our bodies and in our livelihoods.

Today, I work primarily with creative and wellness women who find themselves too busy to enjoy the life they thought self-employment would afford them. I show them how to reimagine a life that makes space for everything that nourishes them from a divinely woman and pleasure-centered space.