roadmapcoverresizeI found health coaching through my own journey of self-healing chronic sinus allergies, irregular menstrual cycles, and low energy through healing foods and Kundalini Yoga. Without the use of drugs or surgery, I learned how to make a few changes to my diet and cultivate a daily practice of self-care.

Health coaching isn’t for everyone, but if you’re ready to learn how to reclaim your health without dieting, deprivation, or willpower, then I invite you to download this complimentary 6-month Roadmap to Health and Happiness.

Created by Institute for Integrative Nutrition, this roadmap presents a practical approach to integrating self-care, whole foods, physical activity and other healthy behaviors into your life.

If you’re considering my online self-coaching program or my two-hour Circle of Life mapping session, I highly recommend that you download this roadmap. In this guide, you’ll receive monthly tips, recipes, and exercises to help you clarify your goals.

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