roadmapcoverresizeWelcome to Honeybee Holistic. I'm Melissa Danielle. Since 2005, I've supported hundreds of busy NYCers in making good food choices through seasonal eating, cooking demos, farmers market tours, and community food education.

Instead of dwelling on calories, restrictions, good vs bad foods and deprivation, I support my clients in making health and wellness choices that are fun, flexible, and sustainable. 

I found health coaching through my own journey of self-healing chronic sinus allergies, irregular menstrual cycles, and low energy through healing foods and Kundalini Yoga. Without the use of drugs or surgery, I learned how to make a changes to my diet and cultivate a daily practice of self-care.

Health coaching isn't for everyone, but if you're ready to learn how to reclaim your health without dieting, deprivation, or willpower, then I invite you to download this complimentary 6-month Roadmap to Health and Happiness.

Created by Institute for Integrative Nutrition, this roadmap presents a practical approach to integrating self-care, whole foods, physical activity and other healthy behaviors into your life.

Inside, you'll find monthly guidance on goal setting, wellness and lifestyle tips, and simple recipes to get you started on your wellness journey.

Enter your details and I'll send you the roadmap.